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Breadfruit leaves

Breadfruit leaves, Pain Medicine Kidney and Heart
Breadfruit is a very popular plant in the community. Its popularity can be seen from the use of the name of this fruit for cigarette products.
Breadfruit included in the genus Artocarpus (Moraceae family) that consists of 50 species of woody plants, which only grows in hot and humid areas in Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands.
The fruit is thick-skinned, round and rough, with light green and yellow with a weight of about 1.5 to 3 kg. Breadfruit can be used for food.
People usually use it for snacks, such as boiled, fried, or made chips and compote. There is also a use as a raw material of flour and noodles.
Not many people who planted it. Besides lack of “sell”, the public has not really know the benefits of these plants. Frequently encountered is people cutting down trees in his yard, and replace them with other crops such as bananas or mangos.
But the truth is very useful breadfruit. The leaves have for health benefits, effective for treating various diseases such as liver, hepatitis, dental pain, itching, enlarged spleen, heart, and kidneys. In fact, people use the bark of Ambon to withdraw blood for the medicine woman who gave birth to 8-10 days.
Leaves of plants contain several potent substances such as acid hidrosianat, asetilcolin, tannins, riboflavin, and so on. These substances are also able to overcome the inflammation.There is also a kidney to save the leaves make it as an alternative to save the ailing kidneys. It’s easy, but must be patient.
Early step, prepare three pieces of leaves dark green, but still clinging to the branches. Then wash in running water. Next shredded and dry in the sun to dry.
Prepare well and fill the container with two liters of clean water. Keep the container is made of pottery clay, but if nothing else can also use stainless steel pans. Enter the dried leaves and cook until boiling, reserving the water until its volume by half. Next, add one liter of clean water, and boil again until the half.
Then the filter was boiled breadfruit leaves. Water color red, like tea. It was a little bitter. Please drink it away, should not be left to kesesokan day. And so on.
In order not to bother and back took three leaves, should provide breadfruit chopped dried leaves for a week. Way, have a dark green leaves as much as 3 x 7 = 21 pieces. The next process just like the above, so we have a number of chopped dried breadfruit leaves, but is divided into seven packages. Every day take a pack, boil, strain, and drink. If you are not stand the bitter, can add a little honey every time a drink.
leaves also can be used for treating heart disease. Way, take a sheet of old breadfruit leaves still clinging to a tree. Old breadfruit leaves have maximum levels of chemical substances.
Wash thoroughly and then dried in the sun until dry. Then boil up to five cups of boiling water and leave until the half. Add water again to reach the volume of five glasses. Once filtered, boiling water is ready to be drunk and could not have been left to the next day.
Some experts are doubtful of traditional medicinal properties breadfruit leaves. But the people have believed and proven efficacy of breadfruit leaves that can cure heart disease and kidney.
In the book Plant Medicine Collection Bogor Botanical Gardens, this plant is not included. The only literature that reveals the effects of diuretic and cardiotonic breadfruit only Indian Medicinal Plants book. It was only about the fruit. Do they contain chemicals that merit?
Of course, still need to do further research by the parties concerned, because it is the traditional medicine of the plants, although initially believed the story only by word of mouth. Thus, research is very important for the health of the world


January 30, 2010 - Posted by | alternative medicine

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